Monday, January 9, 2012

Incorporating devices

1) It is important that technology is tied to the objective so that students will see how technology can be used to research, solve problems, create products, and increase interest in many lessons and many fields.
2) It is important that students be held accountable for developing skills to utilize available technology, and preparation for functionality in a technology-rich society.
3) Tenmarks provides enjoyable video tutoring and allows a motivational reward system to be utilized.
Thinkfinity offers many subjects that could be used for cross-curriculum lessons.
4) Apps for ipod: metronome, tuner, recorder.
A station will be set up in a practice room for use of one or two students at a time. Students will be accountable to record their tempo at which they reached proficiency in performing their music. They much also record the discovered pitch tendencies of their instruments.
5) Additionally, student may use the recorder to record their performance.

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